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Contemporary Biographies in Environment & Conservation

The Editors at Salem Press
January 2015

Contemporary Biographies in Environment & Conservation is a collection of biographies of "living leaders" in the field of environment and conservation.

Contemporary Biographies in Environment & Conservation is a collection of 30 biographical sketches of “living leaders” in the fields of environment and conservation. All of these articles come from the pages of Current Biography, the monthly magazine renowned for its unfailing accuracy, insightful selection, and the wide scope of influence of its subjects.

Articles in this title range in length from 1,000 to 4,000 words and follow a standard format. All articles begin with ready-reference listings that include birth details and concise identifications. The articles then generally divide into several parts, including:

  • Early Life & Education
  • Life's Work
  • Most Significant Contributions
  • Significance
  • Selected Readings

An appendix consisting of Ten Historical Biographies, culled from the Salem Press Great Lives series, introduces readers to professionals of historical significance.

The book ends with a general Bibliography that offers a comprehensive list of works for students seeking out more information on a particular individual or subject, plus a separate bibliography of Selected Works that highlight the significant published works of the professionals profiled. A Profession Index, listing subjects by profession is also included.

These up-to-date profiles draw from a variety of sources and are an invaluable resource for researchers, teachers, students, and librarians. Students will gain a better understanding of the educational development and career pathways of the environmentalist and conservationist to prepare themselves for a career in these industries.

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