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USA in Space

December 2019

Now in its fourth edition, USA in Space assembles information from numerous fields of knowledge relevant to the study of space, including major space programs, piloted and robotic mis­sions, satellites, space centers, space planes, biogra­phies, and more, from the earliest missions to the present.

Nearly fifteen years have transpired since the publica­tion of the third edition of USA in Space. The scope of space exploration history has been ex­panded at both ends, and there are new essays to reflect it. Readers will find new essays on the his­tory of rocket science, as well as on the latest mis­sions—both piloted missions, such as those to the International Space Station, and science missions such as the Mars Rovers and Deep Impact.

This updated work includes 303 essays. Twenty-three are completely new, and nearly all have been revised to reflect the many changes in the space program since the previous edition was pub­lished 13 years ago. Articles are arranged in alphabetical order by group, and by chronological order within groupings. Each article retains the familiar Salem Press ap­proach to formatting information in a predictable manner to facilitate access to the information. Es­says are substantial in length, ranging from 2,000 to 5,000 words. All articles begin with ready-reference top matter, including dates of mission launch and the type of mission, program, satellite, technology, or issue addressed. Other resources are Key Figures, Contri­butions, Context, and Further Reading.

These volumes cover a wide range of topics including:

  • All of the Apollo Programs
  • Deep Impact
  • Galaxy Evolution Explorer
  • Goddard Space Flight Center
  • Hubble Space Telescope
  • Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Launch Vehicles
  • Lunar Prospector
  • Mars Exploration Rovers
  • Mercury Project
  • New Millennium Program
  • Skylab Program
  • Voyager Program
  • And much more

At the beginning of Volume 1, the List of Abbrevia­tions is now expanded by more than one-third its previous length. A Complete List of Contents ap­pears in each volume. At the end of Volume 3 are the following appen­dices, substantially expanded over the previous edition:

  • Key Figures in the History of Space Exploration
  • Glossary
  • Space Shuttle Missions
  • Online Resources

Finally, a substantial number of the older images have been replaced with crisper and more informa­tive photos, and many new images have been added. In all, more than 480 photographs and illustrations provide visual support for readers.

Especially targeted toward high-school and undergraduate students, this outstanding reference work is edited to tie into the high-school curriculum, making the content readily accessible as well as to patrons of public, academic, and university libraries.

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