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# of Volumes: 4
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The Ancient World: Extraordinary People in Extraordinary Societies

Editor: Michael Shalley-Jensen
January 2017

This sweeping work covers world cultures from prehistory through the year 700 C.E. with in-depth analysis of civilizations, key figures, cities, cultures and daily life. Its four volumes stretch beyond the boundaries of the Western world of Greece, Rome and Europe, to include Egypt, China, the Near East, Africa, to name just a few, providing a global background to ancient history.

The 4-volume set is organized by regions: Greece and Rome; followed by Egypt, Africa, Alexandria, the Middle East, and Europe; and lastly, China, the Far East, Asia, Oceana, and the Americas.

Overview Essays
22 overview essays cover various subjects as they relate to that region of ancient civilization, including Art & Architecture, Religion & Mythology, Science & Technology, Warfare, Trade, and Transportation.

'Life As' Essays
Over 40 Essays that bring focus day-to-day life as a Peasant, Soldier, Slave, Woman, Priest, Craftsman, Artist, Politician, Noble, etc.

Descriptive Articles
Over 1,000 Descriptive articles discuss a wide variety of people, places, and thing relevant to that region in that era, including imporant Personages, Battles, Deities, Saints, Buldings, Places, and more.

Coverage is broad in scope, yet easy to use, with guides for pronunciation, geography, word usage, and timelines included.

Inside, the reader will find each of the twelve world cultures organized according to alpahbetical order. All entries include subheaders, cross-references, and there are hundreds of photographs, maps, and other visuals to help make the material accessable. The text's appendixes offer a section of useful reference resources such as a Subject Index, Timeline, Geographical Guide to the Ancient World, Glossary, Bibliography, as well as multiple relevant calendrical systems.

Not only does the set provide encyclopedic coverage of the Ancient World and its civilizations, but it goes on to offer students and researchers new insight into what it meant to live in a specific time and place. No other reference tool provides this unique combination of material. 

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