Survey of American Industry and Careers Review

“Salem Press’s new six-volume Survey of American Industry and Careers is a fine example of their longstanding tradition of quality reference works. This set gives an in-depth look at 112 core North American industries and related jobs and careers. The information provided is current as of 2010. The signed essays range in length from 8,000 to 10,000 words. Each essay brings together an industry snapshot: general and subcategory industries, related industries, career clusters, employment projections through 2018, and various financial data that includes both domestic and international revenues. Each industry is identified by a North American Industry Classification System number assigned to it by the U.S. Census Bureau.The arrangement is alphabetical by industry. New and emerging industries include the video, computer, and virtual-reality games industry; the biofuels industry; and the Internet and cyber-communications industry. Traditional industries such as banking, construction, music, and nuclear power are well represented. A total of 384 sidebars and tables provide enhanced information, including 79 profiles of particular occupations with associated Holland interest scores (a personality- and career-assessment tool), as well as descriptions of 145 occupation specialties within the various industries. What really distinguishes this set from other similar reference sources is the inclusion of “industry market segments,” highlighting small, medium, and large businesses within an industry. These segments showcase the pros and cons of a career in the market segment, including a potential annual-earnings scale and clientele interaction. The segments also break down amenities, atmosphere, and physical grounds of the workplace. A student or career seeker can really see the differences among the working environments within each industry. Free online access with purchase of this set and the notable market-segment information make this an excellent choice for public libraries. These volumes can stand with other occupation and career resources to round out any library’s career-information center.”
-Booklist, 2012

“The profiles provide information important to students and prospective employees… This valuable resource is easy to use and could prove to be extraordinarily helpful for students, researchers, and job hunters in this difficult economy. It is highly recommended for public, community college, and academic libraries.”

“This six-volume survey offers industry overviews current to the North America job market. Data for this resource are drawn from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and private company research. Content is contributed by experts in the 112 industries covered. This useful series is organized alphabetically by industry, with each section providing a general snapshot about a particular industry and its history, sectors, and potential growth. These sections continue by offering more detailed information about specific occupations; by describing examples of job titles, job outlooks, and projected salaries; and by providing an impressive overview of different work settings. The last volume includes a section on projections of employment by industry, a list of Fortune 500 companies, an extensive bibliography and list of electronic resources, and several kinds of indexes…Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-level undergraduates and above, two-year technical program students, and general readers.”
-CHOICE, 2012