By Subject

The major subject area classifications of Salem Press reference works.

History & Social Science

  • American Studies: Includes such topics as American Indians, presidents and historic sites with subject areas ranging from business, the legal system and space. Also featured is Salem's poignant series highlighting the 20th century decades.
  • American History: The Civil Rights Movement, censorship, the Bill of Rights, the role of the United States played in world history and many other topics can be found here.
  • World History: Salem has great resources on history throughout the world and through the centuries, including the ancient world, the Renaissance period and the 17th century.
  • Social Science: Beyond history delving into cultural studies, ethics, the arts, economics and sociology can all be found in Salem's comprehensive social science titles.
  • Law & Legal Studies: American justice, criminal justice, world and US government, the court system, the legal system and our compelling legal guide are many topics featured.
  • Biography: World-renowned writers, politicians, statesmen, first ladies, scientists and other key figures from every century can be found in Salem's extensive biography titles.
  • History


  • American Literature: Novelists, poets, playwrights, and short story writers are examined. Characters and places in literature and how they relate to their plots and themes explored and explained. Salem's marquis series, Masterplots is a staple in this subject area.
  • World Literature: Here every genre, every writing style and every continent is included. World literature features critical surveys and annual updates with a remarkable 152 volumes of compelling reference matter.

Science, Careers & Health

  • Careers: Include career overviews and biographies of industry leaders that will be of interest to those with career aspirations in a wide variety of in-demand fields.
  • Environment: These titles cover a wide range of environmental issues, including biology, geology, anthropology, demographics, genetics, and engineering.
  • Health: Provides immediate access to the full spectrum of consumer health issues, with our award-winning Medical Guide, along with important titles on addictions, alternative medicine, infectious Diseases, genetics, cancer, and psychology.
  • Science: Here Salem explores a wide variety of topics including the energy, applied sciences, mathematics, earth science, forensic science and more.
  • Business: Here Salem explores a wide variety of topics including the finance, management, marketing, accounting, international business, entrepreneurship, and more.