Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior Review

“This informative resource engages the reader from the first entry. The volume comprises entries from contributors from all areas of life, including professors and practitioners in various fields. Ortiz-Hartman is a family and marriage counselor, and she edited the other two books in the "Principles of Sociology" series. The present volume explores how personal relationships and behavior are influenced by society. Ortiz-Hartman devotes sections to day-to-day interactions, family and relationships, socialization, social change, and aging and elderly issues. The prose is accessible to those who are new to sociology, and the treatment will also be a good refresher for those with some background in the discipline. The contents give readers insight into areas of importance in sociology, and the framework provides for easy understanding. This volume will help those new to the discipline understand how sociologists think and how the field regards itself.”
-CHOICE, 2019