Principles of Sociology: Group Relations & Behavior Review

“…this installment examines group relationships and behavior. The volume begins with a short introduction, publisher’s note, table of contents, and list of contributors, and the bulk of the book is organized into four sections: Social Movements & Collective Behavior (16 entries); Stratification & Class in the U.S. (21 entries); Social Interaction in Groups & Organizations (35 entries); and Sociology of Religion (17 entries). Each section starts with a general introduction. Most entries run 5-7 pages and all include an abstract, overview, a presentation of the topic, a definition of key terms and concepts, a bibliography, and suggestions for further reading. Each is signed by one of the contributors listed in the front matter. The topic coverage is broad. Users will find entries on Contagion Theory, Emergent-Norm Theory, Mass Hysteria, the Sociology of the Internet, the Middle Class in America, Bureaucratic Inertia, Groupthink, Social Media as Social Interaction, Civil Religion, and Religious Nationalism, just to name a few. A thorough index rounds out the work. The writing style is accessible to both upper-level high school students and undergraduates. The key terms and concepts enhance understanding and the bibliographies and suggested readings offer directions for further research. This would be an especially useful resource for someone taking a sociology course for the first time or for someone who needs a refresher on key concepts. Recommended for school and academic libraries.”
-ARBA, 2019