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# of Volumes: 4
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Salem Health: Cancer

Editors Michael A. Buratovich, Ph.D. & Laurie Jackson-Grusby, Ph.D.
May 2016

This edition offers information about over 900 topics in cancer. Written by physicians, nurses, and professional medical writers, this important resource will also be of interest to public library patrons, premedical students, and those building collections for the patient population.

Coverage includes diseases, conditions, medications, procedures, specialists, social issues, personal coping tips, print and online academic resources, and support resources. 
Salem Health: Cancer, 2nd Edition alphabetically arranges over 900 essays on all aspects of cancer for all nonspecialist interest groups - from those who have been diagnosed to caregivers, family members, students, and readers with a general interest in health.

Organization & Format
Essays vary in length from 400 to 2,000 words, ranging from one to five pages in length and are designed for the reader for whom the information is compelling or urgent, fostering quick identification and retrieval of essential information. All essays present a capsule definition of the topic and list sources of further information from both print and online resources.

The essays in this 4-volume set address a variety of topics arranged into ten categories:

  • Cancer Biology
  • Carcinogens & Suspected Carcinogens
  • Chemotherapy & Other Drugs
  • Complementary & Alternative Therapies
  • Diseases, Symptoms, & Conditions
  • Lifestyle & Prevention
  • Medical Specialties
  • Organizations
  • Procedures
  • Social & Personal Issues

Special Features

  • Tables throughout identifying the most important chemotherapy and other drugs
  • Photographs displaying for readers typical instances of lesions, tumors, procedures, and anatomical cross-sections to locate areas of the body affected.
  • Associations & Agencies
  • Cancer Centers & Hospitals
  • Cancer Support Groups
  • Drugs by Generic Name & Drugs by Trade Name
  • Glossary of Cancer Terms

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