Salem Health: Adolescent Health & Wellness Review

“This comprehensive work provides information aimed at teens as well as their parents or caregivers on numerous issues affecting adolescents, from puberty through young adulthood – i.e., from 13 to about age 21. Editor Moglia focuses on 19 different medical or physical and emotional issues arranged topically, also treating a range of socially relevant concerns such as diversity, online behavior, and environmental stability (in a section on “going green”). This work’s 483 short articles are written by medical professionals in easy-to-understand language. With a section covering adive from teens themselves. Thje work is very accessible to its intended audience. Each article includes a list of further readings and there is a website and organization directory, four glossaries, a media index, and a thorough subject index. Libraries and schools that purchase the print edition also gain access to the publisher’s online version.
Summing up: [Two Stars] Recommended. Secondary school, community college, beginning undergraduate students; general readers.”