The Gun Debate Review

"As long as the United States has been a nation, gun ownership has been debated and analyzed. This two-volume resource, part of the "Defining Documents in American History" series, uses more than 30 historical documents, including court rulings, speeches, legal texts, and legislation, to impartially review this complicated topic. Content is organized into four different sections. Volume 1 examines the Constitution, its aftermath, and how the Second Amendment was scrutinized by various courts as the nation grew in the 19th century. The second volume includes a section on modern court interpretations and addresses contemporary gun issues such as 3-D-printed weapons, "stand your ground laws," and concealed-carry rights. Each document contains a summary with major themes and a defining moment feature. Although the Second Amendment is only 27 words, the various legal and personal interpretations discussed in this resource are remarkable. The amendment finds its precedent in 17th-century English law. However, 19th-century gun control laws existed in Wild West towns such as Deadwood, SD. Initial fun control often had racist motives- African Americans were not permitted to own firearms. Includes: images, political cartoons, facsimiles, and a bibliography. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty." - CHOICE

"Editors Top 75 Community College Resources for September 2019." -CHOICE