Great Events from History: The Ancient World Review

“These volumes provide extensive coverage of prehistory and the ancient and classical worlds. They offer extensive subject, category, geographical, and name indexes. These resources will be helpful for reports at the high school level and beyond.”
-School Library Journal, 2004

“No doubt this set and the others to follow will earn shelf space in libraries serving high school students and above, and the general public.”
-Booknews, 2004

“This resource provides a wealth of information on ancient history for the junior high to high school student.”
-ARBA, 2005

“ is certainly a good starting point for a student who wants to develop a theory about the background of today's conflicts. Recommended.”
-Reference for Students

“Although aimed at high school students, the essays are sufficiently detailed to serve adult audiences in public and undergraduate libraries.”
-Lawrence Looks at Books, 2004