Encyclopedia of Climate Change Review

“Encyclopedia of Climate Change is an update to the previous Salem Press publication Encyclopedia of Global Warming (see ARBA 2010, entry 1352). The new edition follows the same formatting as the first, and most of the entries are revisions of the original. There are 551 signed essays, arranged alphabetically, on topics related to the scientific, social, geographical, and political aspects of climate change. Each essay is classified by both type and category, aiding those who need an overview of people, organizations, or laws. The three-volume set is especially suited to high school and undergraduate students, as well as to researchers from other disciplines needing a basic introduction to a climate change topic. There are a few completely new entries on important, timely topics including Atmospheric Rivers, Bakken Formation, Eyjafjallajokull, Fracking, the Mount Toba eruption, the 2015 El Nino, and the Seesaw theory, as well as overviews of the Obama administration’s efforts on climate change and updated cases of the U.S. Supreme Court. Most of the entries have updated bibliographical references, including articles and websites from 2010-2016. The appendixes include a mediagraphy, timeline, glossary, organization websites, and an extensive and updated general bibliography. There is an index to the three volumes and a second table of contents arranged by category, to supplement the alphabetical listing. Purchase of the set includes online access; however, as the e-book is updated, continued online access requires purchasing the new edition. The set is similar in scope and arrangement to the SAGE Encyclopedia of Global Warming and Climate Change published in 2012. Since the two titles are on varied revision cycles, adding this new edition would provide an update on this rapidly changing, important, and popular topic.”