Cyclopedia of Literary Places

“This new edition adds 101 articles for a total of 1,043, covering over 6,000 literary places. Many of the literary works from which these places are drawn can be found in the publisher’s Masterplots, 4th ed., or the Cyclopedia of Literary Characters, 4th ed., facilitating a review of the three major elements of literary criticism (story, character, and setting) for the titles included. Each of the three volumes includes a complete list of entries which are arranged alphabetically by title, and a pronunciation key. Volume one includes a list of contributors and a lengthy introduction to place and setting in literature which provides the reader with an understanding of the importance of this literary element. Volume three contains the author, title, and place indexes which would facilitate the comparison of the treatment of a particular setting by several authors. Each entry begins with the full title, author’s name and vital dates, type of work, type of plot, time of plot, and date of original publication. A brief introductory paragraph explains the setting and themes in use by the author. The more detailed discussion (300-1,000 words) covers the real or imaginary places employed in the work. Bold type indicates places that have their own entries. Literary works covered include novels, plays, and poetry. It should be noted that this is not a gazetteer as the entry to place settings is through the literary works and the places are treated as literary elements rather than geographic points. Owners of the first edition can decide whether its use justifies this updated version; otherwise, libraries that serve high school juniors and seniors and English literature undergraduates may wish to purchase this third related Salem title for beginning literature studies students. Highly Recommended.”