Critical Survey of Young Adult Literature Review

“…Verdict: A nice addition to those collections already containing young adult materials, this reference will be of interest to high school and undergraduate students.”
-Library Journal

“A basic reference text for the public and college library, Pattee’s comprehensive survey of YA titles and authors offers a single source of data on genres, setting, characters, and plot. Most important to the librarian and beginning teacher, overviews of 25 themes suggest adaptation of fiction to curricular needs and additions to book club and free reading lists on the topics of survival, pregnancy, faith, bullying, alienation, and choices. A listing of 68 cinema versions of YA works incorporates films the quality of Ender’s Game and Something Wicked This Way Comes. A commentary on genre summarizes apocalyptic, mythology, epistolary, and dystopian titles. An eight-page timeline spotlights notable works by standard authors- Paulsen, Hinton, Blume, Le Guin – and recent pop fiction, including The Hunger Games and Harry Potter. Amply indexed and supplied with corroborative bibliography, this resource is worth of a place on the professional shelf.”