Critical Survey of Mythology & Folklore: Gods & Goddesses Review

"This guide is the fourth in the Salem Press series Critical Surveys of Mythology and Folklore, and while the others are dedicated to heroes, mythology, and sexuality, the present one deals with the gods and goddesses of the world. Aimed primarily at a high school and undergraduate student readership, this survey offers a broad review of the most important religious traditions, from China to the Americas and from Africa to Scandinavia. The guide does a great job at placing the discussion about gods and goddesses in broader contexts that include geography (with maps attached), cultural history, mythology, folklore, and literature. Interesting facts and unanswered questions are integrated alongside the interpretative segments, tale synopses, and the bibliography, making it easier to navigate both for the students, who might find entertaining reading material, and for the teachers, who can more easily plan their teaching around specific material. Compared to other similar reference sources recently published in English the present survey is better suited for educational purposes due to its emphasis on contextual interpretations and to its topic organization."
ARBA, 2019