Critical Insights: Post-Colonial Literature

“Looking at the colonial, postcolonial, and neocolonial experiences of people from Africa, Asia, the Americas, the Middle East. The Mediterranean, and Europe, this collection comprises 15 essays, and introduction by Garsha, and a resource section. Taken together, these make for an enlightening examination of postcolonial experiences and theory. Using traditional literary genres along with graphic novels and films, contributors examine works ranging from classical to neocolonial through a postcolonial lens. Hawai’i and Ireland are observed as postcolonial spaces, and canonical texts – Sir Gawain and the Green Night and Shakespeare’s The Tempest- are explored from postcolonial perspectives. Disabled people in colonial space serve as a metaphor for colonization’s crippling effects. Colonial, postcolonial, and neocolonial spaces – past and present – merge as contributors seek to find a voice for displaced peoples and cultures. As counter discourse, postcolonial writings also illustrate that there are alternative liberated spaces that foster self-expression and independence. Each essay in this nifty volume can be read independently of the others. Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-and upper-division undergraduates; graduate students.”