Critical Insights: Paradise Lost Review

"This volume examines the circumstances, history, context, and importance of John Milton's (1608-75) Paradise Lost, written/dictated when the author was completely blind and at the end of two civil wars in England's history. As with all of the books in the Critical Insight series by Salem Press, two major sections (Critical Contexts and Critical Readings) provide a number of insightful essays and discussions on various aspects of the author, this piece of literature, and its influence on subsequent society and culture. Four essays in the Critical Contexts section focus on various editions, the narrative of trauma, and postlapsarian landscapes. The Critical Readings section has eleven essays on topics such as new Milton criticism, the poem as a dictated text, theology, angelic intelligence and human culpability, a play based on the poem by Erin Shield, and recent art and adaptation related to the poem. An excellent volume of insight and research on this epic and important piece of literature." – ARBA, 2019