Critical Insights: John Steinbeck

“Steinbeck, author of more than 30 prose works, was attacked by both the Right and the Left for his views on class, workers, and the environment. This collection of classic and contemporary essays offers an overview of his writing and responses to it, examining the historical and cultural contexts of his work. Critical readings on major themes and specific books look at topics such as Steinbeck and literary naturalism, the workingclass novel in American literature, Steinbeck and sentimentality, and his depictions of women. Some specific works analyzed include Tortilla Flat, The Grapes of Wrath, In Dubious Battle, and Steinbeck’s wartime writings. There is also a biography looking at his career and influences. The book ends with a 1993 interview with Steinbeck’s widow, Elaine Steinbeck. A chronology of his life and a complete list of works are also included. Noble is affiliated with the University of Alabama.”
-Book News