Critical Insights: Holocaust Literature Review

“The idea of Holocaust literature is, for some, controversial. Elie Wiesel felt that it should not exist although he wrote a great deal about it. He was referring to fiction written by those with no immediate connection to the horrific events of the Shoah. This collection of essays by academics examines the literature dedicated to various aspects of the Holocaust. The contributors look at narrative voice in testimonies, how different generations view the historical events, the use of disciplines such as psychoanalysis, sociology, and memory in interpretation, and different types of literature. There are studies of Art Spiegelman’s Maus, Philip Roth’s Jewish identity, Holocaust literature for young people, Holocaust film, Yiddish-language literature, and poetry. This collection will interest students of history and comparative literature. Academic libraries supporting programs in history, Holocaust and Jewish studies, and literature will want to consider this volume.”