Careers in Sports & Fitness Review

Careers in Sports & Fitness is an easy-to-read guide to the major careers in the sports and fitness industry, aimed at informing high school and college students about career possibilities, including many that would not immediately jump to mind.

Each of the 21 chapters is devoted to one career—from the well known such as “Coach” to the lesser known “Fundraiser/Fundraising Manager” and everything in between. Each chapter delves into the career and provides information such as the salary that can be expected, whether the field is growing, what skills can be transferred to other job categories, etc.

Other features include interviews with professionals working in the specific field. These interviews contain a wealth of information such as what they like most and least about their job and what they wish they had known when they first started. It is this kind of practical information that would be very valuable to someone considering a particular career.

Each chapter also contains information on the best schools to attend for a particular field and industry associations that can be contacted for more information. Careers in Sports & Fitness is an excellent resource for those who are thinking about a career in any sports oriented field and would be a valuable addition to any high school or college library.