Careers in Law, Criminal Justice, & Emergency Services

“The Salem Press (a division of EBSCO) has produced a number of these sturdily bound books that cover different career fields. The subject areas for this book are the popular ones that are everywhere one looks in the print and entertainment media. The 24 professions covered here include the standard law enforcement officers and forensic scientists/crime scene investigators, but park rangers, court clerks, and security alarm installers also receive attention within these pages. The format of each chapter is the same: an overview of the field, a listing of the occupational specialties, details about the various work environments, education and training required, earnings and advancement opportunities, employment outlook, selected schools that offer training in those specialties, and other odds and ends, including some questions and answers from experienced individuals in the career. The material is easy to read and understand. At the end one finds a bibliography and a section where the readers can utilize the Holland Codes to try to identify their career interests. ..The item under review is recommended for the career collections of high school, public, and undergraduate libraries.”