Careers in Human Services Review

“Human Services is a broad career category that includes many compelling and surprisingly diverse jobs that call for attention and study. This well-organized, easy-to-use reference can help job seekers learn general information about Human Services and perhaps narrow their choices within the field. Alphabetically arranged chapters guide readers through 25 different specialties, ranging from Activities Therapist to Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor. Within each chapter, readers will find ample and encouraging information detailing specific job duties, the expected work environment, occupation specialties, educational requirements, earnings and advancement potential, and much more. The use of such devices as bullet points, shaded sidebars, and tables makes the material easy to navigate. Some special features include a brief history of a particular job, a typical day in the life on the job, interviews with professionals, a “snapshot” of the job, and a listing of applicable organizations readers can consult for more information. The book also includes a helpful overview providing a general sense of the types of people who might pursue a career in Human Services, the types of people who might benefit from these jobs (e.g., the elderly, military veterans, immigrants, etc.), the types of professional Human Services organizations available, and more. In addition, an appendix provides a useful tool to help potential job seekers match their personalities with career possibilities, followed by a bibliography and an index. Compiled in a positive, comprehensive manner, this book will appeal to those embarking on their first job search as well as those considering a shift into this fulfilling job sector. Recommended for students at the high school and undergraduate level.”
“This accessible reference for students in high school and up will also be useful as a resource for school counselors and advisors. It provides 25 alphabetical chapters on occupations in the field of human services, from activities therapist and art therapist through substance abuse counselor and vocational rehabilitation counselor. Each 3,500-4,500-word chapter begins with a snapshot overview with facts on earnings and employment outlook, followed by an overview of the work environment, working conditions, and educational and physical requirements, as well as the occupation’s Holland Interest Score. Each chapter then lists specific related jobs and their duties, describes the work environment in more detail, and outlines education and training needed from high school through undergraduate and graduate degrees. Information is given on earnings and advancement and employment trends projected through 2020. Each chapter also includes easy-read charts, fun facts boxes, and interviews with real-life practitioners. Chapters close with a list of selected schools and a list of associations for more information. An appendix explains the Holland Code system. The book contains black and white photos.”