Careers in Healthcare Review

“Careers in Healthcare is a one-volume source describing specific fields of interest in healthcare. Twenty-six chapters cover a broad range of individual health careers; each chapter includes a career outlook, education and training requirements, earnings, advancement and future, and employment trends. Traditional healthcare careers are included (e.g., dentist, pediatrician, nurse practitioner, physician) as well as emerging health jobs such as medical assistant, physical therapist, and home health aide. Individual career chapters begin with a career “snapshot,” and then give a career overview, occupational specialties, work environment, education and training, earnings and advancement, employment and outlook, and selected schools that train and educate students. Each chapter gives brief lists of relevant skills and abilities; a question-and-answer section in each chapter reviews career advice from a professional practitioner in that career area. Appendixes include a guide to the Holland Code (a career assessment tool), a general bibliography, and a subject index. Careers in Healthcare is specifically designed for a high school and undergraduate audience and written to align with secondary or high school curriculum standards. This work is most appropriate for high school libraries and public libraries that field career questions for high school and college students.”