Careers in Financial Services Review

“Occupation profiles—including tax planners, economists, portfolio managers, bank tellers, and comptrollers—can help students and would-be career changers explore and prepare for opportunities in the financial world. Chapters devoted to each specialization report Bureau of Labor Statistics wage ranges, earnings in cities that have a significant number of practitioners, national employment-opportunity projections, educational and/or licensing requirements, and related occupations (including those in the military). The profiles also identify relevant skills and abilities, duties and responsibilities, as well as recommended high-school courses and college majors. Occupation-specific information provides a sense of what the work environment is like, the day-to-day role of technology, and contacts for industry organizations for additional information. At a more personal level, “a day in the life” profiles enable career searchers to know how they would apply their knowledge, as do selected Q&A interviews of industry practitioners. Famous First sidebars add interest, including the inventor of the ATM and the founding of the world’s oldest central bank in 1668. This offers useful introductions to financial-world possibilities for adults and high-schoolers.”