1910s in America Review

"The latest entry in Salem Press’s “The Decades” series covers the 1910s in both the US and Canada. The three-volume set covers important political, social, economic, and cultural themes, but two obvious topics dominate the discussion: World War I and the American Progressive political and social movements. Articles written by scholars from many disciplines range from one to six pages and mix long overview essays on important topics with shorter pieces covering people, books, films, fads, inventions, science, and other subjects. Topics include the Armory Modern Art Show, the Black Sox baseball scandal, the influenza pandemic of 1918-19, Mother Jones, religious fundamentalism, and the Volstead Act, among others. Each piece includes a concise title, an abstract, the main body of the article, illustrations, a bibliography, and cross-references. Many entries include maps, time lines, and graphics to assist in explaining the subject. Volume 3 includes a glossary, a comprehensive bibliography arranged by subject, and category and subject indexes. High school students, university undergraduates, and general readers will find it a useful introduction to this important period in US history as Americans began to take a serious look at racial and sexual injustices at home. Summing Up:  Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates through faculty."
— CHOICE, 2019