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Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior

Editor: Kimberly Ortiz-Hartman, Psy.D., LMFT
October 2018

Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior provides valuable information and ideas about different aspects of personal relationships and behavior. Articles discuss these topics through the lens of sociology and offer understanding through how they impact people on an individual and social level.

Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior is the first title in Salem’s Principles of Sociology series. The next two volumes are Group Relationships & Behavior and Societal Issues & Behavior. This series is intended to introduce students and researchers to the fundamentals of important and far-reaching topics in sociology using easy-to-understand language.

The field of sociology is vital in the world we live in today, and relevant in many social groupings and behaviors. This work includes categories such as “Day-to-Day Interaction,” “Family & Relationships,” “Socialization,” “Social Change,” and “Aging & Elderly Issues.”

The entries in this volume are arranged in an A to Z order by section, making it easy to find the topic of interest. Each entry includes the following:

  • Abstract giving a brief introduction to the topic;
  • Overview that presents key terms and concepts;
  • Clear, concise presentation of the topic, including a discussion of applications and issues;
  • Definitions of key Terms & Concepts;
  • Bibliography for further reading.

The back matter in Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships & Behavior contains a thorough and valuable index.

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