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Principles of Physics

Editor: Donald R. Franceschetti, PhD; The University of Memphis
April 2016

This new resource introduces students and researchers to the fundamentals of physics. Entries are written in easy-to-understand language, so readers can use these entries as a solid starting-off point to develop a thorough understanding of this oftentimes confusing subject matter.

This edition includes 142 entries ranging from Aberrations to X-rays. All entries are arranged in an A to Z order, making it easy to find the topic of interest. Each entry includes related fields of study to illustrate the connections between the various branches of physics, including acoustics, high energy physics, psychophysics, quantum electrodynamics, and nanotechnology; a brief, concrete summary of the topic and how the entry was organized; principal terms that are fundamental to the discussion and to understanding the concepts presented; illustrations that clarify difficult concepts via models, diagrams, and charts of such key topics as blackbody radiation, Bernouilli's principle, and Higgs boson; equations that demonstrate how to determine mechanical advantage, understand the ideal gas law, the fundamentals of quantum mechanics, and Einstein's famous mass-energy equation-E=mc2; photographs of significant contributors to the study of physics; sample problems that further demonstrate the concept, law or constant presented; and biography lists that relates to the entry. Entries range from one to five pages in length.

Entries are arranged into easy-to-use subject areas. Salem Press’ Principles of Science: Physics covers:

  • Absorption
  • Bohr Atom
  • Light Waves
  • Prisms
  • Ultrasound

Principles of Physics back matter is another valuable resource which includes: The Standard Model; Nobel Notes; Nobel Prize Laureates; Pre-Nobel Notables; Physics Constants; Physic Laws; Glossary; General bibliography; and a Subject Index.

This new resource is a helpful tool for students and researchers who are just beginning their study of physics and need a solid background of the key terms and elements in the field. A must for all high school and undergraduate science programs.

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