Principles of Physical Science Review

“Like other titles in the publisher's "Principles of Science" series…this work is geared toward explaining fundamental principles to high school and beginning undergraduate students. Entries, written by an extensive list of experts, range from one to five pages in length, and each contains a brief overview of the topic, key terms and concepts, related fields, websites, and fascinating facts about the topic. Its more than 100 entries are written in clear language with numerous subheadings and cross-references for easy navigation within entries. Some discussions are accompanied by black-and-white photos, illustrations, charts, or diagrams. In his introduction, the editor gives a concise history of the physical sciences. The volume's back matter consists of several valuable resources: a time line of important scientific events, a biographical dictionary containing paragraph-long entries for more than 100 scientists, and a general bibliography. Available in print and online as an ebook, this is a useful addition to any academic library serving programs in the physical sciences.”