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Principles of Modern Agriculture

Editor: Richard Renneboog, MSc
February 2019

This volume provides new ways to think about and study issues, policies and practices in today’s agricultural production.

This new volume explores a wide variety of topics in modern agriculture. From the use of big data and new technologies for monitoring water levels and weather, to the use of biotechnology in seed production and new non-chemical ways to control pests and weeds, this volume provides students and researchers with new and interesting ways to look at agricultural production in modern society. Will our farmers be able to produce enough food to support the growing population? What is the future of our water supply and our soil health? How will climate change affect agricultural production?  How do sustainable practices affect prices and growth rates?

In over 160 articles, Principles of Modern Agriculture addresses topics including:

  • Soil Science
  • Climate Change
  • Tropical Rainforests
  • Organic Farming
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Dairy Farming
  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • Conservation Policy
  • Evolution of Animal Life

Beginning with a comprehensive introduction to climatology, written by volume editor Richard Renneboog, MSc, students and researchers are introduced to the fundamentals of modern agri­culture using easy-to-understand language for a solid background and a deeper understanding and appre­ciation of this important and evolving subject. All of the entries are arranged in an A to Z order, making it easy to find the topic of interest.

Entries related to basic principles and concepts in­clude the following:

  • Fields of Study
  • Principal Terms and definitions
  • Summary of the topic
  • Background text, including how each topic pertains to modern agriculture
  • Illustrations
  • Further Reading

Principles of Modern Agriculture also includes helpful appendixes as another valuable resource, including a Timeline of Major Events in Agriculture, Glossary, General Bibliography, and Subject Index.

This will be a beneficial addition to science and agricultural programs at the high school, community college and university levels.

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