Principles of Chemistry Review

“The American Chemical Society (ACS) has referred to chemistry as ‘central science’ due to its focal role in bridging the physical and life sciences. This resource introduces students and researchers to the fundamentals of chemistry using plain languages, illustrations, equations, and sample problems. This reference book is recommended to audience from lower-level undergraduate students to professors. There are 128 entries in an A to Z order that is easy to browse by the topic of interest. The topics cover a broad range of chemistry including biochemistry, organic and inorganic chemistry, physical chemistry, and geochemistry. Each entry includes a brief summary of the topic, principle terms that are crucial to understanding the concepts presented, illustrations such as diagrams and charts for chemical structures or reactions, equations, sample problems, and an up-to-date bibliography at the end. These entries are written by experts in each field and their names and affiliations are noted at the end of each entry. In addition to the entries, the book’s appendixes are valuable resources too. They include the periodic table with an introduction to the history of the table and information on atomic weights, an introduction to the Nobel Prize and its winners in chemistry, a glossary, a general bibliography, and a subject index. This reference book is part of the Principles of series from Salem Press, which also includes titles on physics, astronomy, and computer science.”