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Principles of Business: Finance

Editor: Richard Wilson, Ph.D.; The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga
March 2017

Provides students and researchers with easy-to-understand entries on hundreds of important terms, principles and concepts allow readers to develop a deeper understanding of the field.

Finance is the first of a six-volume series with the title Principles of Business. This resource is intended to introduce students and researchers to the fundamentals of business topics using easy-to-understand language. This title is the go-to resource for interested readers seeking understanding of finance.

The study of business touches virtually all aspects of modern society. Students and researchers who have a solid understanding of the fundamentals of business have an increased advantage when applying for a job, furthering their education, or looking to start a business on their own.

Entries in this volume range from “Bank Insolvency” to “Warrants & Convertibles” and are arranged in an A to Z order, making it easy to find the topic of interest. Each entry includes the following:

  • An Abstract that provides a brief, concrete introduction to the topic and how the entry is organized;
  • An Overview that offers clear presentation of the topic;
  • Multiple subheads that anchor the reader to the various concepts being discussed;
  • Suggested Reading list that relates to the entry;
  • Detailed Bibliography

Added features include photographs of significant business leaders and illustrations and diagrams of relevant topics.

The back matter in Principles of Business: Finance is another valuable resource and includes:

  • Detailed Glossary with 427 terms;
  • Subject Index.

This new resource is a helpful tool for students and researchers who are just beginning their study of finance and need a solid background of the key terms and elements in the field. A must for all high school and undergraduate science programs.

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