Principles of Health: Diabetes

"This is a comprehensive monograph on diabetes for students and researchers. It is the third of the "Principles of Health" series by Salem Press. The book is organized to give a fundamental understanding of the different forms of diabetes and the language used in the diagnosis and treatment. As a monograph, the book is primarily focused on students, be they medical, nursing, or research or those studying an ancillary discipline. It also has a larger audience of the general public as it is written in readily understandable language for those who wish to understand their diagnosis or the diagnosis of their loved ones. The book is divided into seven sections with overviews of the metabolic basics, pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments, laboratory testing, and living with diabetes. Each section is subdivided into chapters such as obesity and child obesity, diabetes and autoimmunity, insulin pumps, insulin resistance, gestational diabetes, diagnoses of type I and type II diabetes, diets, and healthcare considerations and options. Each chapter delves into defining the terms, physiology, and other specific concepts of the chapter ending with suggestions for further reading. There is an extensive bibliography appendix and a glossary appendix of terms and definitions. This is an outstanding monograph that provides all the basics for students and is easily understandable for laypersons with minimal medical knowledge. It is a very worthwhile addition to a primary care clinician's library. Weighted Numerical Score: 93 – 4 Stars!"
-- Doody Enterprises