Principles of Health: Anxiety & Stress Reviews

“This book explores anxiety and stress. The book is divided into sections that explore the conditions all the way to treatment… The purpose of this book is to provide those working with individuals who struggle with anxiety and stress a great understanding to the conditions. The authors' objectives are met through the insight and resources they provide… This book is written for clinicians, students, and those working with people with anxiety and stress issues. The authors and contributors are very credible and recognized in their fields… The authors explore in greater depth the types of anxiety and stress. They break it down to sources of anxiety/stress, how to assess them, related conditions, different treatments, and therapies and coping strategies. They even cover alternative therapies. The book is easy to navigate from section to section… This book is a textbook, making it very standardized in its approach to educate the readers. It is the most up-to-date edition.”

- Doody Enterprises, 2021