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Masterplots, 2010-2018 Supplement

Editors at Salem Press
December 2018

The Masterplots: 2010–2018 Supplement critically evaluates 187 major examples of serious fiction, published in English from 2010 to 2018, from writers in the United States and around the world.

The philosophy behind the selection process is to cover works that are likely to be of interest to general readers that reflect publishing trends, that add to the careers of authors being taught and researched in literature programs, and that will stand the test of time.

By filtering the thousands of books published every year down to notable titles, the editors have provided librarians with an excellent reader’s advisory tool and patrons with fodder for book discussion groups and a guide for choosing worthwhile reading material.

The essay-reviews in this supplement provide a more rounded “reference” review of a work than is typically found in newspapers and other periodical sources. Special emphasis is placed on providing details of the plot.

The reviews in the two-volume Masterplots Supplement are arranged alphabetically by title. At the beginning of each volume is a complete alphabetical list that provides readers with the title and author of all books included as part of this supplement. In addition, readers will benefit from a brief description of each work in the volume. Every essay is approximately four pages in length. Each one begins with a block of reference information in a standard order:

  • Full Book Title, including any subtitle;
  • Author: Authors full name and pseudonym if used;
  • Born: including date and place of birth if available;
  • Died: including date and place of birth if available;
  • First published: Date of publication in original language, listing foreign-language title, or individual titles in a series, when pertinent;
  • First performed: Date of the first performance (for plays);
  • Type of work;
  • Type of plot;
  • Time of plot: Period represented, when pertinent;
  • Locale: Location represented, when pertinent;
  • Principal characters: List of people, with brief descriptions, when pertinent.

The text of each essay-review analyzes and presents the focus, intent, and relative success of the author (The Story), as well as the makeup and point of view of the work under discussion (Critical Evaluation). To assist readers further, essays are supplemented by a list of “Further Reading” in a bibliographic format. Photographs of book covers are included as available.

Indexes round out the end of Volume II:

  • Title Index
  • Author Index
  • Chronological Index
  • Type of Plots
  • Cumulative Title Index
  • Cumulative Author Index

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