Masterplots II

"When this arrives in the library, show it to all of the teachers, not just the subject specialists. Highly recommended." -Reference for Students, Reference Reviews, Gale Group, Short Story Series

African American Literature

Masterplots II: African American Literature offers essays on individual titles by great novelists, playwrights, memoirists, historians, and critics as well as the bodies of work of major poets, short-story writers, essayists, and orators. Students, librarians, and teachers can explore the rich literary canon of African American writings, from colonial America to the twenty-first century.

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Christian Literature

Masterplots II: Christian Literature captures the breadth of Christian literature - both fiction and nonfiction - by selecting more than 500 of the greatest and most representative works identified with the genre. At the core of this work are the fiction and nonfiction "classics" to which most students and general readers - Christian or secular - will be exposed at some time in their lives.

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Short Story Series, Revised Edition

This first revised edition of Masterplots II: Short Story Series incorporates all the articles from the original 6-volume set (1986) and 4-volume Supplement (1996) and adds 250 new essays never before covered in any other Masterplots set. The short stories selected here are the most assigned in the curriculum for middle, high school students, and undergraduate students. They serve as a reminder of the story line for faculty and librarians.

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"This cornucopia of critical candor will
be a 
standard reference for years to come." 
-School Library Journal

"Masterplots II: Drama Series offers much to students in search of information about its plays, particularly some newer or more obscure titles that may not be addressed elsewhere." -American Reference Books Annual, 2004

Drama Series, Revised Edition

This first revised edition of Masterplots II: Drama Series since 1990 adds 92 plays never covered in any Masterplots series, for a total of 345 plays in a four-volume set. The titles covered in Masterplots II: Drama represent a diverse range of themes, issues, cultures, minority playwrights, and international locales.

 978-1-58765-116-8 ⋅ 1850 Pages ⋅ 4 Volumes ⋅ List Price: $404

Poetry Series, Revised Edition

The eight volumes of Masterplots II: Poetry Series, Revised Edition contain 1,386 essays, incorporating 1,115 entries from previous editions and adding 271 entirely new entries on important poems by both classic writers such as Geoffrey Chaucer, Elizabeth Bishop, and Robert Frost to contemporary poets such as Maya Angelou, Adrienne Rich, and N. Scott Momaday.

 978-1-58765-037-6 ⋅ 4545 Pages ⋅ 8 Volumes ⋅ List Price: $499

Juvenile and Young Adult Literature Series, Supplement

Many authors have made distinguished careers out of addressing the thoughts and emotions of children, and many more writing for an adult audience have found their works embraced by readers of all ages. Masterplots II: Juvenile and Young Adult Literature Series Supplement continues the vital study of such books and their influence on generations of children and adults alike.

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American Fiction Series, Revised Edition

The six volumes of Masterplots II: American Fiction Series, Revised Edition incorporate 439 entries from the previous editions and add a further 128 new entries on important works by contemporary or hitherto neglected writers. 

 978-0-89356-871-9 ⋅ 2975 Pages ⋅ 6 Volumes ⋅ List Price: $446

"[T]his series can, in fact, provide ideas for students looking for paper topics, a bibliography to get them started, and help understanding difficult literature. Recommended for most college and public libraries."  -Library Journal

Nonfiction Series

318 works of important 20th century nonfiction receive the Masterplots treatment in this four-volume set. This series includes contributions from authors worldwide in the areas of autobiography, memoirs, philosophy, literary theory, anthropology, psychology and other subjects written for the non-specialist. The works included in this set have had a profound effect on modern culture.

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Women's Literature Series

Masterplots II, Women's Literature Series offers 536 essays that examine the rich tradition of fiction and nonfiction literature by women from ancient Greece to the late twentieth century.

 978-0-89356-898-6 ⋅ 2630 Pages ⋅ 6 Volumes ⋅ List Price: $525

"Clearly written, skillfully analytical, and critically adept, these four volumes serve as an introduction to the fiction of a wide range of writers of English."  -American Reference Books Annual, 1988

British and Commonwealth Fiction Series

Masterplots II: British and Commonwealth Fiction Series reflects a growing awareness of a unique historical process: the development of English as an international language. The writers whose novels are discussed in these volumes represent an extraordinarily wide range of cultural experience, as well as share a common historical experience, and more importantly, a common language.

 978-0-89356-468-1 ⋅ 1971 Pages ⋅ 4 Volumes ⋅ List Price: $383