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Magill's Choice: Psychology Basics

Editor: Nancy A. Piotrowski, Ph.D.; University of California, Berkeley
October 2004

Psychology Basics highlights theories and concepts in the following areas: aging, childhood adolescence, cognition, conditioning, consciousness, depression, development, diagnosis, emotions, experimentation, intelligence, language, learning, memory, methodology, motivation, origin/definition of psychology, personality, psychobiology, psychopathology, psychotherapy, sensation and perception, sexuality, social psychology, stress, thought, and treatments.

The first edition of Psychology Basics, drawn from the six-volume Survey of Social Science: Psychology (1993), has been a popular, accessible, and affordable source of information about important theories and issues in this dynamic field. Since the publication of Psychology Basics in 1998, the larger set has undergone a substantial redesign, revision, and update as the four-volume Magill's Encyclopedia of Social Science: Psychology (2003), which was named a 2004 Outstanding Reference Source by RUSA. Essays in the two-volume Psychology Basics, Revised Edition are taken from this award-winning work.

This revised title in the Magill's Choice series features 127 essays. One-third of these topics did not appear in the previous edition of Psychology Basics. The remaining two-thirds have the same or similar titles but were either newly commissioned for the revision of the larger encyclopedia or feature updated text--bringing them in line with the most recent edition of the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR (2000)--and "Sources for Further Study" sections offering the latest editions and scholarship. Additions to the Revised Edition include new top matter, tailored subheadings guiding readers through the text, photographs, helpful lists of diagnostic criteria from the DSM-IV-TR, and an appendix Biographical List of Psychologists with brief profiles of major figures in the field, both past and present. As a result, Psychology Basics, Revised Edition supersedes the previous Psychology Basics and should prove to be even more valuable.

Entries range from four to eight pages in length. Every entry begins with standard information for "Type of psychology" and "Fields of study." An abstract briefly defines the subject, summarizing its importance to psychology, and "Key concepts" lists five to ten of the most important issues to be discussed in the essay that follows. The text of each article offers a clear and concise discussion of the topic. An entry on a mental illness addresses its cause, diagnosis, treatment, and impact. An entry on a theory or school examines its origin, history, and current status. Informative, descriptive subheadings divide the text. All terminology is explained, and context is provided to make the information accessible to general readers.

Every entry ends with a bibliography that includes annotations discussing the content and value of these secondary sources. All essays are signed by the author and conclude with a list of cross-references to any related articles within Psychology Basics, Revised Edition. At the end of volume 2 is a Glossary of crucial terms with concise definitions, the Biographical List of Psychologists, the Web Site Directory, and a comprehensive subject Index.

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