Magill's Guide to Military History Review

"The focus of this all-new guide to history is upon the military conduct of war and the strategy and leadership involved. From the campaigns of Alexander to the Zulu Wars, the 1,518 signed articles cover battles, wars, generals, military theorists, arms, armies and strategies. While there is some emphasis upon American and European conflicts, the coverage is balanced in terms of period and place with Asian and African topics being well represented… this guide will well serve users in public, high school, and undergraduate libraries.”
-Lawrence Looks at Books

“The inhumanity of war is well-documented in this five-volume set. It attempts to cover wars both internationally and throughout history. It does so quite well, deepening our knowledge of ancient conflicts…, the strength of the set is in its strong factual narrative and broad coverage. If military history is a part of the curriculum then this set is an excellent choice for the reference collection.”
-Gale (Reference for Students)

“The most comprehensive single work on military history in print, this is an excellent starting point for anyone (high school age and above) seeking basic information about the causes and effects of just about any significant military event in recorded history. Essential.”
-Library Journal