Magill's Choice: Health Issues Review

“This set contains 250 articles adapted from five other Magill's references, including Medical Guide, Women's Issues, Encyclopedia of Family Life, Children's Health, Encyclopedia of Environmental Issues and Aging. Each article includes the type of issue, such as "Children's Health" or "Environmental Health," the definition (often an expansion definition) and a discussion that may be as long as three pages. Each of the signed articles ends with "See Also" references, as well as a bibliography for further information. This is an excellent source of brief information on a wide variety of topics that are both health and societal issues, such as abortion and pregnancy, eating disorders, steroid abuse and smoking. Information such as the effects of asbestos and mercury poisoning represent some of the environmental issues. The inclusion of Mad Cow Disease squarely sets the books into today's news. This is an excellent purchase for your high school or middle school teachers, although the format of the articles may be off-putting to some of the middle school students.”
-Reference for Students, GALE