Magill's Choice: American Indian Biographies Review

“A great bargain and an asset in any library that supports an American history curriculum.”
-Booklist, 2005

“This very useful compendium offers detailed coverage of Native Americans who have played a significant role in North American and world society, from religious leaders, social figures, and political and social activists to artists, scientists, athletes, and warriors. Some 329 individuals are given brief personal sketches, a significant number of which are also accompanied by illustrations or photographs of the subject. The entries include information on tribal affiliation, historical significance, and any other names associated with the individual, and those on better-known personalities also provide a short bibliography for further reading. The entire volume is organized alphabetically, with cross references where applicable; it closes with a time line of significant events in Native American history, a tribal affiliation's index, and a standardized alphabetical index with page number references. As a whole, this should prove to be extremely useful in a variety of educational settings, including middle-school, high school, and college libraries.”
-Library Journal, 1999

“To fill the gap for students looking for biographical information about Native Americans, this book has 391 essays… American Indian Biographies will be helpful as students research Native American contributions to U.S. history. Recommended.”
-Gale (Reference for Students), 2005

“Summing Up: Recommended. General readers and undergraduates.”
-Choice, 2005