U.S. Laws, Acts, and Treaties Review

“An accessible compilation. The informative entries covering 433 laws are arranged chronologically and include such topics as immigration, slavery, welfare, business, labor, privacy, the environment, speech, and homeland security… An excellent resource for researching current as well as historical topics.”
-School Library Journal, 2003

“This unique three-volume set has broad coverage of U.S. legal information with the selection aimed at those laws most frequently used in school classrooms across the nation. The introduction explains the entire process of how a bill is enacted and becomes law. Each law, act, or treaty is covered in a separate signed article that includes the date passed, U.S. Statutes At Large citation, public law number, U.S. Code citation, and topical categories. A one-sentence summary of what each law did is at the beginning of each article that analyzes the law and explains any relevant cases and amendments to the law. Sources for further study and see also references to other related laws are at the end of each article. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United States of America, and Amendments to the U.S. Constitution are reprinted in their entirety at the back of volume 3. Legal research, such as the significance of the differences between primary law and secondary law, are explained and major sources listed. Selected legal Websites, government agencies, and legal organizations are listed following the documents. Each volume covers a specific range of years with the contents in chronological order, permitting the searcher to compare any law with others enacted in the same time period. Two different lists of contents provide alphabetic access: table of contents and contents by popular name. Broad subject access is provided through a categorized index, which lists all the included laws, acts, or treaties under a particular topic. A comprehensive subject index is also provided at the end of volume 3. The set is paged continuously, so the indexes are easy to understand. Written for high school and undergraduate students, this set is highly recommended for school, college, university, and public libraries.”
-ARBA, 2004

“This accessible resource is designed for an audience of students, librarians, and others who seek a basic description of US laws, acts, and treaties. The entries are arranged alphabetically and include a short bibliography, the date of adoption and ratification, and an essay of c.1500 words. Most of the entries were compiled from other Salem reference works; 50 of the entries were commissioned for this set. A list of subject categories are included for each entry. The vast majority of the many contributors teach at colleges and universities in the US; a few are independent scholars.”
-Booknews, 2003

“Students should be learning about their freedoms and how laws affect them; this set gives them an excellent introduction. Recommended.”
-Gale, 2003