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Magill's Choice: U.S. Laws, Acts, and Treaties

Editor: Timothy L. Hall, University of Mississippi School of Law
March 2003

U.S. Laws, Acts, and Treaties provides the much-needed service of selecting, from literally thousands of U.S. laws, those most likely to come up in classroom discussions, offering not only a summation of the laws' provisions and significance but also ample historical background and political context.

This set offers historical breadth as well as a large number of laws in each of the main subject areas, accessible through the Categorized Index, that are likely to be of interest in high school and undergraduate history and government courses-allowing a researcher studying, say, the history of environmental law or immigration law to study the most significant U.S. legislation in those areas.

Formerly published in sixteen Salem reference publications from the past decade, and supplemented by 50 new essays to complete gaps and update coverage through 2002, all essays have been updated, new data have been added, and each has been reformatted to highlight key features of each law, including citations to the U.S. Statutes at Large, the U.S. Code and public law numbers.

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