Careers Working with Infants & Children Review

CHOICE Editor's Top 75 Community College Resources for December 2020

"Careers Working with Infants & Children is a textbook-style book that thoroughly reviews 29 professions involving work with youths, ranging from art therapist to speech-language pathologist. Each chapter includes an occupation snapshot, a career overview, details on how to enter the field, details on a given career’s work environment, comparable occupations, job outlook and prospects, famous firsts in the field, salaries, an interview with an expert in the field, and additional resources. This text is also accompanied by free, online database access for users, which provides a searchable online version of the volume, including conversations with an expert in the field, and the proper MLA and APA citations. Interestingly, Appendix A in the book uses the Holland Code (a system that classifies jobs according to different categories) to help readers better understand which field they would be best suited for depending on their personalities. Categories include realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising, and conventional. Overall, this accessible, information book is useful for anyone who enjoyes working with children but is unsure of the many career paths available. Summing Up: Recommended. General readers through upper-division undergraduates, two-year program students, and professionals."