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Great Events from History: Human Rights

August 2019

Great Events from History: Human Rights is a new, updated version of a reference work originally published in 1992. This new edition includes significant updates and a number of new articles that address human rights issues over the past 30 years. This 4-volume work traces the path of civil liberties and natural rights through history, from ancient codes to modern movements through pivotal events that have directly affected people and their freedoms.

In the nearly 28 years since the first edition of Human Rights was published, much has changed in the history of human rights, both in terms of human rights denial and human rights advances. One key change concerns the evolving nature of a government's accountability for its country's human rights record. The rise of Internet technology in recent years has expedited government accountability faster than during any earlier time period. For this reason, this edition covers a rather wide range of human rights categories, including atrocities and war crimes, children's rights, civil rights, health and medical rights, peace movements and organizations, reproductive freedom, voting rights, women's rights, and worker's rights. 

Great Events from History: Human Rights documents the progression, regression, and overall history of human rights through pivotal events. Here is a sampling of just some of the modern milestones chronicled in this thought-provoking set:

  • 2001: The U.S. Launches a "War on Terror" in Iraq and Afghanistan in Response to 9/11
  • 2004: The First Same-Sex Marriage is Performed in Massachusetts
  • 2006: The Global Internet Consortium is Founded
  • 2006: WikiLeaks Gives Whistleblowers a New Platform
  • 2013: The Dominican Republic Deports and Denies Nationality to Haitians
  • 2014: ISIS Comes to Power in Iraq and Syria
  • 2015: China Revokes One-Child Policy
  • 2017: Gay Chechens are Purged 
  • 2018: Peace Talks Begin on the Korean Peninsula
  • 2018: Separating Immigrant Families at the Border

Essay Length and Format 

Essays are roughly 1,600 words, or 3-4 pages each, with a few exceptions of longer subjects of importance. All essays include the following ready-reference top matter: Year of event; Description of event in a single sentence; Category or type of event; Time is the date or date range of the event; Locale is the country and/or region where the event took place; and Key Figures involved in the event. 

The text of each essay is divided into the following sections: 

  • Summary of Event: Provides detailed chronological descriptions and discussion to place the event in context; 
  • Significance: Describes the event's historical impact, influence, and significance
  • Byline: Name of the contributor who wrote the essay
  • Bibliography: Sources consulted as well as items for further study, appropriate and accessible to librarians, students, and the general public; 
  • See Also: Lists related essays within the four-volume set 

More than 100 photographs and other images are included, such as news photos and photographic portraits, book and magazine covers, book title pages, government documents, and fliers. An Alphabetical List of Contents appears in the front matter to all four volumes. The back matter in Volume IV contains a number of reference tools to help readers further explore history: Alphabetical List of Events, Category Index, Geographical Index, Key Figures, and a Subject Index.

Essays not only describe and contextualize significant events in the history of human rights, but also discuss their current and future impact. This edition of Great Events from History is designed not just for the history student but for the curious and informed global citizen.

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