Great Lives from History: The Middle Ages Review

“High school students will have access to 356 signed essays (303 men and 53 women) about world leaders, religious figures, writers, artists, historiographers, philosophers, military leaders, scientists, medical practitioners, musicians, educators, explorers, lawyers, mathematicians, architects, geographers, patrons of the arts, social reformers and linguists found in all areas of the medieval world. The front matter in each volume has a complete list of contents, a key to pronunciation and a list of maps and succession tables. Eleven pages of outline maps are shown by time period. Essays range from 1,500 to 4,000 words and have the name, nationality or ethnicity, occupation or historical role, reign dates for rulers, birth/death dates, a summary paragraph, "also known as" versions of the name, alternative spellings and common epithets when appropriate, and the areas of achievement. The text includes early life, life's work, significance and an annotated bibliography for further reading. "See Also" references and related articles can be found in the companion volume, Great Events from History. Black-and-white drawings and paintings illustrate the text. Appendices include "Rulers and Dynasties," "Chronological List of Entries" and three indexes: geographical, personages and subject. Recommended.”
-Gale (Reference for Students), June 2005