Great Lives from History: Jewish Americans Review

“Overall, the set is a useful addition to the Jewish biographical bookshelf and is itself an artifact of ethnic perceptions and American popular culture.”
-ARBA, 2012

“…it offers the Jewish community and the broader population an understanding of the highly diverse set of individuals in America who identify, either loosely or strongly, as Jews. The collection also enriches the Great Lives set of profiles by including individuals who have distinguished themselves as leaders or contributed to the Jewish community's advancement in various ways, as well as those who have made their mark in the realms of the arts, science, politics, business, social welfare, and so on.”
-Booknews, 2011

“BOTTOM LINE Public libraries, colleges, high schools, and middle schools will all benefit from the entries as starting points for additional biographical research as well as research on Jewish American contributions. These are not straight¬forward biographies but rather critical essays, emphasizing achievements.”
-Library Journal, 2011

“…a wide and fascinating range of prominent and lesser-known individuals who have made outstanding achievements in science, literature, law, academia, and Jewish religious life…Summing Up: Recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through researchers/faculty.
-CHOICE, 2011