Great Lives from History: The Ancient World Review

“These volumes provide extensive coverage of prehistory and the ancient and classical worlds. They offer extensive subject, category, geographical, and name indexes. These resources will be helpful for reports at the high school level and beyond.”
-School Library Journal, 2004

“The target audience for these volumes is 10th grade and up. Large high schools, colleges, and medium- to large-sized public libraries will want to consider purchasing this encyclopedic reference work, either as a standalone or as part of the eventual multivolume set that will treat prehistory through the beginning of the twenty-first century.”
-ARBA, 2005

“A total of 325 essays (including 39 influential women), ranging from 1,700 to 3,000 words in length are found in this two-volume set. Articles provide the name, occupation, a brief introductory sentence and demographic information such as dates of birth and death, other names the person may have been known by and areas of achievement. The biographies early life, work and significance are described. All articles are signed and each has suggestions for further reading, Occasional insert boxes provide additional information and a few black-and-white illustrations, line drawings, photographs, paintings and coins are in the text. Appendices include a chronological list of entries, a list of categories, a geographical index, a personages index and a subject index. For students who saw "Gladiator," this book will help them find out more about Caligula and his time and to perhaps see if the setting for the movie was accurate. This would also be a quick way of looking up the characters from Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar." Recommended for high schools.”
-Gale (Reference for Students), 2004