Great Lives from History: The 21st Century (2000-2017) Review

“This installment in the Great Lives from History series contains biographies of 359 notable individuals, covering 2000-2017. The book includes “figures important to the historical record” of major events at the beginning of the twenty-first century as well as major figures from the arts and culture. Each entry is arranged within sections: Early Life; Life’s Work (how the individual gained recognition); significance which “offers an overview of the importance of the individual’s accomplishments and discovers the value in studying him or her”; and Further Reading, containing a brief bibliography. Some biographies include sidebars and a photograph of the individual. The entries cover 19 categories: Activism, Books and Ideas, Business, Computers and Information Technology, Diplomacy, Film and Television, International Government and Politics, U.S. Government and Politics, Journalism, Law, Literature, The Middle East, Music, Philosophy, Social Issues, Sports, Terrorism, and Visual Art. Among those profiled are: Maya Angelou, Joe Biden, Osama Bin Laden, Tony Blair, Fidel Castro, Johnny Depp, Donald Trump, Kobe Bryant, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg, Michelle Obama, and Jane Goodall. Also included is an index of names, topics, organizations, and publications. Entries are listed alphabetically in the main section and are also grouped by the 19 categories mentioned previously; for instance, in sports among those listed are Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, and Serena Williams. This volume is highly recommended for “quick reference” and as a starting point for a research paper on the life and accomplishments of a noted individual. It is recommended to academic and public libraries and should prove invaluable to students and faculty of universities and to anybody interested in learning more about a public figure.”
-ARBA, 2018