Great Lives from History: The 18th Century Review

“Comprising the fifth installment in the Great Lives series covering more than 3,300 lives in total, this set contains 353 essays on 355 major figures, including 48 women…

The set is quite comprehensive. Each volume begins with a pronunciation key and a list of the contents of both volumes, followed by a list of the maps and sidebars, and maps of the world’s major regions. In volume 2 are several appendixes: ‘Rulers and Heads of State’ by geographic location; a chronological list of entries in the volumes; a list of articles by category index, from Archaeology to Women’s Rights; and list of articles by country or region. The set concludes with an indexes of people and subjects.

Users will find easy access to major eighteenth-century figures in a variety of fields across all regions of the world. A worthwhile purchase for high-school, college, and public libraries, especially those already owning other titles in the series.”
-Booklist, 2006

“If your institution is specializing or focusing on this time period, then the additional entries in this set would be useful to you, and this set would be an appropriate purchase. If your library does not have the DWB, then again, this would be a recommended set for first-year college students.”
-ARBA, 2007