Great Events from History: The Renaissance & Early Modern Era Review

“This set is the third in the series, following The Middle Ages, 477-1453 (see ARBA 2005, entry 516). Like the rest of the series, this set revises the first Great Events from History (12 volumes, 1972-1980) while incorporating essays from Chronology of European History: 15,000 B.C. to 1997 (see ARBA 98, entry 462), Great Events from History: North American Series (see ARBA 98, entry 497), and Great Events from History: Modern European Series (1973). Besides the 88 core essays, 242 completely new essays have been written for the work. Entries are divided into sections: a statement of introduction, locale, categories, key figures, summary of event, significance, further reading, see also references, and related articles. The expanded and redesigned appendixes at the end of volume 2 consist of a timeline, a glossary, an extensive bibliography, electronic resources (with a note of caution about changing URLs), a chronological list of events, a geographical index, a category index, a personages index, and a subject index. Coverage begins with the founding of the House of Saud in the mid-fifteenth century and ends with the granting of the East India Company's charter by Queen Elizabeth I of England. The maps and illustrations are clear and add to the attractiveness of the volumes. The scope of the set is global, with events from Oceania, North and South America, and Africa as well as Europe and the Middle East. This is a great resource for school students, undergraduates, and general users that are beginning their research and is recommended.”
-ARBA, 2006