Great Events from History: The Middle Ages Review

“Events has a great deal of new content, and because it has not been updated in quite some time, this revision is welcome and recommended for high school, undergraduate, and public libraries.”
-Booklist, 2005

“This set is recommended for all libraries.”
-ARBA, 2005

“Students studying the Middle Ages will find 322 events from this time period to help them. This second entry in the series follows the end date of The Ancient World and closes in 1453. Events are arranged in chronological order and this integration of information allows the reader to trace what was happening in other parts of the globe while studying the history of one area. Providing a timeline will be very helpful to world history teachers and students…
Students needing help in choosing research topics will find interesting concepts, locations and people to delve into once they have mastered how to find information. The world coverage moves beyond the European background most usually studied and offers a global view. Recommended.”
-Reference for Students, 2005